Thomas A. McKean's Media Gallery

Thomas A. McKean's Media Gallery
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GeneralGeneral Media Category
Thomas in the MediaThomas in the Media. Television, Newspapers, Etc.
Appearance on OprahComplete Video Clip (and MP3) of Thomas as Guest on Oprah
1 2
Interviews with ThomasPersonal Interviews with Thomas
1 3
Articles Written About ThomasThomas in Various Newspapers and Other Places
1 5
DocumentsVarious Documents of Interest
3 0
Autism DocumentsDocuments Related to Thomas & Autism
2 1
File AreaFiles Archived Here
DownloadsFree Downloads Created by Thomas
7 15
ThomasThomas's Personal Media Files. You Can E-Mail Thomas Here: tmckean (at) aol (dot) com.
WritingsFiles Related to Thomas's Various Writings
Published WorksFiles Related to Thomas's Published Writings and Music
6 35
Unpublished WritingsA Sample of Thomas's Unpublished Works
7 15
Television CommercialsShort Commercials and Advertisements Thomas has Written for Television.
2 2
Comic Book ScriptsComic Book Stories, Scripts and Outlines Written by Thomas in His Spare Time.
7 27
Incomplete ProjectsA Few of the Unfinished Projects Thomas is Working On or Has Abandoned
4 4
PhotographyPhotography Archive. To see pictures, click on the thumbnail. To see pictures full size, click on the picture again.
Normal PhotographySome of Thomas's Attempts at Photography.
7 120
3-D PhotographyYou will need 3-D anaglyph glasses to see these photos in 3-D. You may have some if you have a 3-D video or DVD. These are the glasses that are red on one side and blue on the other. The pictures on the left are in regular 2-D. The pictures on the right are the same pics on the left, except they are in 3-D.
2 16
Microscopic PhotographyPictures taken by Thomas with a digital microscope.
1 6
PicturesVarious pictures from Thomas.
Thomas, Friends and FamilyPictures of Thomas, His Friends, and His Family
2 13
Advocacy Awards, Etc.Pictures and Scans of Awards and Certificates Thomas Has Accumulated Over His Years of Advocacy
3 13
Around TownShots of the Mountain Town of Bedford, VA, Where Thomas Lives
2 20
AudioAudio/MP3 Archive
PresentationsAudio of some of Thomas's Conference Presentations. Audio is in MP3 Format
1 2
Original SongsRecordings of a Few of the Songs Thomas has Written
2 5
Other SongsOther bits and pieces of music Thomas has recorded over the years.
2 10
VideoVideo/Movie Archive
ConferencesVideo of Thomas Speaking at Different Conferences
1 18
InterviewsThomas's video interviews.
1 1
Retro Educational VideosThe 10 to 12 minute educational videos they showed you in school all those years ago. Thomas collects them and thought he'd share some of them with you.
3 43
PrivatePersonal and Password Protected Albums
Protected ArchiveProtected Media Archive
2 0
Backup FilesBackup Files
2 0
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